Whatcom County Birth & Fresh 48 Photographers | Bellingham, WA

In case you missed it, Brianne Johnson of Brianne Bell Photography and I made a video to introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about birth and fresh 48 sessions. Our dream is to spread awareness to Bellingham/Whatcom County about what these sessions are, and why they are so invaluable for Moms (and Dad's.) This time in life is a blink. It goes by so quickly, and if you are already a mom like myself, you know it all becomes a blur. No matter how hard we try to hang on to the tiny details of those first days, it is like grasping at straws. Why Is It More Important Than Ever To Book Your Photographer Ahead Of Time? We saw a need in Whatcom County, and decided we wanted to work together to f

The Birth Of Everleigh | St. Joseph Hospital - Bellingham, WA

I had the privilege of capturing another birth this month. *Fair warning before you scroll on down, as the title states, this is a blog about a birth. If blood, or birth bother you, I have other posts I'd love for you to read!* Chandler has been a good friend of mine since we were in high school, and in college I watched as he fell head over heels for Lyndsey after spending a semester at Disney with her. To say many people prayed and waited for this baby is an understatement. She was loved and longed for far before this day came. I was waiting at home when I realized I hadn't heard anything for two hours. For a first time mom it is normal to have a long labor, but I checked in just to be saf

Ashlee Cameron | Maternity - Stevens Pass Resort, WA

Meet one of my very best friends. In my dreams, people choose to adventure to incredible locations for their sessions. I'm not talking Semiahmoo, or Mt. Baker - as gorgeous as those locations are. In my dreams, we travel to Joshua tree, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, New York City (my list goes on and on and on.) Lucky for me, Ashlee loves a good adventure too. Although it wasn't on my bucket list, this session was a dream. We were in the mountains letting our little boys snowboard with their Dad's. I threw this dress in my car and hoped she would be down to take a break and sneak away for a few photos. Of course she was in, one of the many reasons she is my best. This incredible human is growing t

PNW Lifestyle Session | Woods Coffee - Bellingham, WA

If you live in the PNW, you know winter can be long and dark. Washington does in fact get a lot of rain. The rumors are true. We learn to love it though, and work our way around it. Being a photographer during the winter in Washington can be a challenge. Having clients that trust me, and roll with it makes all the difference though. This session was scheduled to take place at a park in Bellingham, WA, but the park was closed due to flooding. So we improvised and went to the local coffee shop. Woods coffee has all the PNW vibes, and great drinks (in case you were wondering), and it was the perfect place for a cozy lifestyle session with this sweet family. Grandma requested photos together for

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