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Boy Mom

My entire life I have been surrounded in testosterone. I watched as people would make comments to my mom about her 7 boys, and how I must have finally completed her. As much as I would like to take credit for that, I have a feeling I possessed no such magic. I know this because I have a son now. I know this because I am experiencing first hand the fiercest love on the planet. The love a "boy mom" experiences.

There is something about being a boy mom that draws you into the best village possible, almost effortlessly. We see you at the park, or in the store, so exhausted and overwhelmed by the spirit of that little boy. We get you, and we have you. Us moms of boys have this innate pact. This innate since of solidarity. This is how I met one of my favorite Boy Momma's. Casey Smith. She has three boys (two are irish twins), and I honestly don't know how she does it. She makes it look so fun, and natural. Motherhood was made for her. She definitely inspires me, and when I am having a rough week, I know that she is the mom I can be raw with. She may think her life is crazy, but to me it is so beautiful. This time is so fleeting, so I decided to do a lifestyle session that was just candid and pure; much like motherhood. I spent a morning with Casey and her boys in their PNW Bellingham home. It looked a little like this: blissful chaos.

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