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Josh + Christina // Mt. Baker Anniversary - Bellingham, WA

A year ago these two beautiful people eloped on top of Sumas Mountain in Bellingham, WA. It was the wedding that marked my love for intimate settings, and cravings for stylized couples. I have known Christina since she was little, but it has been so much fun to reconnect as adults. Capturing these milestones in their lives has been such a joy for me. As a wedding photographer I love when it is obvious two people were made for each other. They light up around each other, they are real no matter who is watching, and they are in each other's corner. I was so excited to celebrate their one year anniversary with a beautiful stylized shoot at Mt. Baker. The PNW is so stunning, and Mt. Baker did not disappoint for this beautiful stylized anniversary shoot. I firmly believe more couple's should capture these milestones and cherish them. Someday you'll have these to look back on. Whether it is a day that is hard and your marriage is in a rut (because this will happen), or a day when you are old and grey and want to remember how smokin hot and wildly in love you are. Cheers to MANY more years of love


Styling // Meraki Photography NW - Lisa Aamot

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