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Karla + Lance Wagter | Maternity | Larabee State Park Bellingham, WA

As a mom I know both how important maternity photos can feel, and how miserable pregnancy can be. I love capturing this time for others, because it usually isn't something that is really treasured until it has passed. We chose the Larabee State Park area for the view, not really thinking about the trek it included. Karla was an absolute trooper and hiked down to the beach without complaint. It was so worth it. We live in the most beautiful little corner of the country. Winters may be long, but the months of golden summer nights make up for it. Karla and Lance I can't wait to meet your baby. Karla you are strong and have the sweetest spirit. I have no doubt this little girl is going to be raised up making the world around her brighter. Baby Wagter, you are already very clearly loved.

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