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Neil + Joie | Diablo Lake Engagement - Diablo Lake, WA

I love it when lives cross paths years later. Joie and I first met in fifth grade, and instantly became best friends. Life took us down different roads, but Neil and Joie's love brought our paths back together in such a fun way. I was so excited to meet the man that snagged up my childhood best friend. It didn't take long for me to see it was a perfect pairing.

I had been crossing my fingers for an adventurous couple to do a "destination" engagement session with for a while. Joie and I e-mailed back and forth trying to choose locations. Joie suggested Diablo Lakes, and I was so excited to capture the teal lakes with the beautiful PNW backdrop of mountains. With all of the fires this summer, we had to reschedule the session, and I was getting nervous Diablo Lakes wasn't going to work. As we pulled into the viewpoint, it was definitely still hazy, and a little orange, but so gorgeous. The haze blocked the sun in the most perfect way. We laughed our way through the morning, and occasionally (okay more than occasionally) wandered off the beating path. You two were so comfortable with each other, and I loved how gentle and playful your love is. I am beyond excited to capture your wedding day. For now I'm still swooning over your engagement photos. So, without further ado:

seattle-engagement-diablo-lakes-destination-wedding-photography-meraki-photography-lisa-aamot (85)

Special Shout out to Jessica Brittain for holding Kinley and coming along for the adventure!

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