Abram | Fresh 48 - Bellingham, WA

I am always so honored when anyone chooses me to capture a big moment in their lives. As a mother though, Birth and Fresh 48's are so extraordinary to me. It is such a significant, life altering event...to enter motherhood. Capturing the sweet moments of first meeting and getting know this new baby is something I love more than I could ever put into words.

This sweet family was so laid back and calm. I loved the energy in the room, and the atmosphere that baby Abram was brought into this world in. I walked through the waiting room on my way in and heard excited sobs from a grandparent, I just knew it was for baby Abram. I heard a nervous new big brother, and a Dad talking to him about meeting this new baby that would one day soon be his best friend, no doubt. I got to capture these siblings meeting, and this family standing together in the same room for the first time ever. How freaking cool is that?!

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