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Ashlee Cameron | Maternity - Stevens Pass Resort, WA

Meet one of my very best friends. In my dreams, people choose to adventure to incredible locations for their sessions. I'm not talking Semiahmoo, or Mt. Baker - as gorgeous as those locations are. In my dreams, we travel to Joshua tree, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, New York City (my list goes on and on and on.) Lucky for me, Ashlee loves a good adventure too. Although it wasn't on my bucket list, this session was a dream. We were in the mountains letting our little boys snowboard with their Dad's. I threw this dress in my car and hoped she would be down to take a break and sneak away for a few photos. Of course she was in, one of the many reasons she is my best.

This incredible human is growing two humans inside of her. She embraced the snow, and the trudging through it, all with a smile. As exhausting as pregnancy can be, I hope you always look back on these and see what I see in you. A woman glowing from the inside out. A woman so incredibly strong, and brave, and stunning. A safe place in the world, with just the right amount of adventurous spirit deep in there too.

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