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The Birth Of Everleigh | St. Joseph Hospital - Bellingham, WA

I had the privilege of capturing another birth this month. *Fair warning before you scroll on down, as the title states, this is a blog about a birth. If blood, or birth bother you, I have other posts I'd love for you to read!* Chandler has been a good friend of mine since we were in high school, and in college I watched as he fell head over heels for Lyndsey after spending a semester at Disney with her. To say many people prayed and waited for this baby is an understatement. She was loved and longed for far before this day came.

I was waiting at home when I realized I hadn't heard anything for two hours. For a first time mom it is normal to have a long labor, but I checked in just to be safe. Chandler's reply was a first time Dad "You can come now!" I asked if she was transitioning, and he said "Yes." So off I hurried to the hospital thinking the whole way I might miss it. I walk into the room to a smiling Lyndsey, and a calm nurse. I asked the nurse how far dilated she was. Chandler gets a break on this one, but I'll just tell you she wasn't dilated very far! I was there longer than I had planned, but so grateful to be a part of the process and capture the hours leading up to her birth. Lyndsey was incredibly strong and so calm. She made those mesh undies looks so good...if you have no idea what that means, wearing them is a rite of passage.

Birth is so beautiful. Confession though: I use to be terrified of it. I thought it was absolutely disgusting. Then I gave birth myself, and quite frankly I could give birth every year for the rest of my life (if I could skip the pregnancy part). I have captured birth a few times, but this was the first time I was a part of it as well. I helped in any way needed, and when the time came I was able to step back and capture the biggest moment of their lives so far.

Birth isn't just the beginning of one new life. It's the beginning of two. Lyndsey became a mother. Something new in her was born the moment she held Everleigh. Something that will never go back or change. It will only grow with her daughter. It will become bigger, and more fierce. Welcome to the world Everleigh, and welcome to Motherhood, Lyndsey.

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