Motherhood Before Noon | PNW Baby - Seattle, WA

Winters are long in the PNW. Like endlessly long. The darkness and rain are a bit of a running joke, but if you are a sun lover like me, the humor is lost on you. Before having kids, I stayed inside and cozy as much as possible - all Winter long. Becoming a "boymom" forced me to embrace all weather though. So I find myself searching for adventure in whatever small way it may come, rain or shine. We get out of the house, and we explore all the beauty the PNW has to offer. I love ferries. I'm not sure if it's the PNW in me, the Grey's Anatomy die hard, or my love for views that take your breath away. If I have a chance to take a ferry I normally jump on it. On this particular day, Kinley and I

Hello | Fresh 48 - Skagit Valley Hospital - Mount Vernon, WA

It's officially official. I did my first Skagit County Fresh 48, and it was pretty amazing. Skagit Valley Hospital has beautiful rooms, and such gorgeous lighting. This session was actually purchased as a gift for the expecting mama. How cool is that?! I would have loved to have a gift like this for my first. I have a handful of photos from when Mason was born, and only one blurry cell phone photo of the three of us as a new family. This gift is one Jessica will forever cherish, of that much I am sure. Fresh 48's have grown on me so much. Motherhood is my thing, so capturing the first hours of a mother becoming a mother are so special to me. A sweet baby girl was born, but on this day, a mot

Scott + Alicia | Lairmont Manor - Bellingham, WA

There were so many things I loved about this day, I'm not even sure where to start. Scott and Alicia were definitely one of my favorite couples of 2017. I know I always say this, but truly, they were the exact type of client I love having. They spent the morning getting ready at The Chrysalis Inn in Fairhaven, WA. We captured a few of the details of the day, but what I remember most was meeting their family and friends. They picked the best bridal party. From the second I walked in the hotel I knew it was going to be a fun day. Also, Alicia's bridesmaids had french macaroons, which are apparently addicting. Very addicting. After hanging out with her sweet girl crew, I went to snap a few phot

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