Boy Mom

My entire life I have been surrounded in testosterone. I watched as people would make comments to my mom about her 7 boys, and how I must have finally completed her. As much as I would like to take credit for that, I have a feeling I possessed no such magic. I know this because I have a son now. I know this because I am experiencing first hand the fiercest love on the planet. The love a "boy mom" experiences. There is something about being a boy mom that draws you into the best village possible, almost effortlessly. We see you at the park, or in the store, so exhausted and overwhelmed by the spirit of that little boy. We get you, and we have you. Us moms of boys have this innate pact. This i

Meet the Photographer

I thought it would be fitting if my first official blog post was to introduce myself, the girl behind Meraki Photography. I know when I have chosen a photographer for myself, or my family, I always want to know if they will be a good "fit". So, hello, my name is Lisa Aamot. I was born and raised in Bellingham. Just north of Seattle in the beautiful PNW. I grew up with 7 older brothers. Yes, you read that correctly. I married the first boy I dated...because well, 7 brothers. I have always been told I'm an old soul. I love all things from decades past, including the people that lived it. I love to laugh and adventure, and only use a filter when necessary. I value friendships and relationships.

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