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Hello Again

If you're reading this, hello. I'm Lisa, the girl behind the lens. This year was a busy, beautiful, big year for my little business. I kept telling myself I would pick up blogging again once I slowed down, but I'm quickly realizing if I wait for that, it won't happen. I have been thinking about my "why" a lot lately. I know a lot of people think this is a hobby for me, but it has become so much more than that. Not only financially, but personally. I have witnessed so many intimate and awe inspiring human moments. I have captured love, new life, brokenness, goodbyes, and everything in between. This work has filled me in a way I never imagined it would. My "why" in the beginning was simple: to be with Mason. I was a new mom grasping at a way to spend more time at home instead of in a classroom teaching other kids. After Kinley, my "why" evolved a bit. Motherhood Before Noon took form, and I began capturing the incredibly fleeting moments with my two babies. Not long after Kinley arrived, I was unexpectedly published. Shortly after that I won several awards for both my work in weddings and family photography. I tasted a form of success, and it gave me the drive to make this something more. Fast forward to 2019 and this little business of mine is at a place I thought I would only see in my dreams. I have the dreamiest clients (thank you), I get to scratch my endless itch to travel, and I still get to spend the majority of my time loving on my family. This Summer, something heavy started sinking in though. I only have 13 more Summer's with Mason (and let's be real, even less that I'm cool enough to hang out with.) Gut punch. I spent more weekends with other people's families than my own. My original "why" was completely forgotten in my pursuit of success. So, my "why" is evolving again for 2020. I am still driven, but this time not without my original goal taking up the most space in my heart. Have you asked yourself what your "why" is? Does it align with who you are in your core, and who you want to be? I may be chasing a total pipe dream, but I like to think I can be a present mom, and stay successful in my work.

MY WHY behind the scenes:

Decal // Urban Walls

Posters // Birth Poster

Dolls // Cuddle + Kind

Diaper // Parasol Co

Mason // lulu + Roo

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