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Motherhood Before Noon | PNW Baby - Seattle, WA

Winters are long in the PNW. Like endlessly long. The darkness and rain are a bit of a running joke, but if you are a sun lover like me, the humor is lost on you. Before having kids, I stayed inside and cozy as much as possible - all Winter long. Becoming a "boymom" forced me to embrace all weather though. So I find myself searching for adventure in whatever small way it may come, rain or shine. We get out of the house, and we explore all the beauty the PNW has to offer.

I love ferries. I'm not sure if it's the PNW in me, the Grey's Anatomy die hard, or my love for views that take your breath away. If I have a chance to take a ferry I normally jump on it. On this particular day, Kinley and I were on a solo Seattle adventure day to see friends. It was a freak snow storm day. High winds, and bad roads. The safest, and quickest way home was the ferry. This was the o-n-e time I was not jumping at the opportunity to take this route. The water was NOT smooth sailing, and these photos are actually just a beautiful result of me taking my mind off heaving some chum to Willy. Bystanders smiled, and some stopped to ask about Kinley, or why I was taking photos on a ferry. I kept my answer short and sweet, but if I was honest it's because at the time she was close to one. I was grasping at straws trying to document every last ounce of baby left in my baby. I was taking photos to keep sea sickness at bay, yes, but more than that, I was capturing a beautiful day of motherhood. Of adventuring in Seattle with my baby. Of a day that I got to instill a little bit of adventure and wanderlust into my child. Seattle is so beautiful. I think many of us forget all the opportunity and possibilities right in front of us here. Get outside. Go explore.

As Seen on King 5 HERE | Kinley Roo, never give up your sense of wonder. xo, mom.

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