When A Birth Doesn't Go As Planned | St. Joseph Hospital - Bellingham, Wa

When I met Heather, she was glowing. She didn't complain once about her bump taking up every inch of space on her small frame. I'm actually not sure I've ever met another first time mom so certain of having a photographer in the room and capturing it ALL. She told me all about her birth plan, her midwife, and how excited she was. Like most expecting moms, she had expectations. She wanted the "ideal" birth story that society has authored for women. It was going to be natural, and full glory. On the day she was admitted I went in and sat and watched for hours as Rob, her husband, comforted her through her pain. She was so strong. So fierce, and so determined. I have photographed a number of bi

Bassett Wedding | Evergreen Gardens - Bellingham, WA

I'd love to introduce you to easily one of the sweetest couple's I've ever worked with. Jake and Natalie were a dream to work with. They were worried about being awkward in front of the camera, but they were anything but that. This June wedding was at the stunning Evergreen Gardens in Bellingham, WA. I love that even after photographing so many weddings, each one still feels so special and unique. Jake's tie choice was quite possibly one of the best I've ever seen. After foregoing the popular First Look with each other, Natalie chose to do one with her Dad. Cue all the tears. It was the best, and the personalized cuff links were the perfect gift. We stole away during the reception for a mome

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