Generations | Family Lifestyle - Bellingham, WA

Every time I have clients ask for a candid lifestyle session I jump and down on the inside. I am a strong believer in capturing life, and an even stronger believer in capturing it in the raw. I think having a photograph that captures a season of your life is invaluable. Whether it is falling in love, getting married, becoming parents, or celebrating decades of making that marriage and family a success. This family stole my heart years ago, and have been the best clients ever since. I was so excited to have the opportunity to capture them in their element, and enjoying each generation of their growing family. Guys, I am a s u c k e r for old people. If you know me, you know this to be true. T

Abram | Fresh 48 - Bellingham, WA

I am always so honored when anyone chooses me to capture a big moment in their lives. As a mother though, Birth and Fresh 48's are so extraordinary to me. It is such a significant, life altering enter motherhood. Capturing the sweet moments of first meeting and getting know this new baby is something I love more than I could ever put into words. This sweet family was so laid back and calm. I loved the energy in the room, and the atmosphere that baby Abram was brought into this world in. I walked through the waiting room on my way in and heard excited sobs from a grandparent, I just knew it was for baby Abram. I heard a nervous new big brother, and a Dad talking to him about meetin

The Days Are Long | Motherhood Before Bed

I had to change the name of this, because it technically happened after noon and thus no longer qualified as a "before noon" post. Winter is always difficult for me, but much more so as a mom. Do you know how much energy little tiny boy humans have contained? I do. It's a lot. Like if you could bottle it, every Starbucks would be out of business. Don't worry Starbs, I'm horrible at numbers and science. Mason has so much energy, but I'm not big on being outside in the cold. I would rather be sipping a pina colada on the beach, then feel like I was dunked into one. I have been doing my best to find things to get out and do, or even bundle up and let him run until I feel like my hands are getti

Ryan and Kristine | Engagement - North Shore Lake Whatcom - Bellingham, WA

Ryan and Kristine are the kind of couple I get so excited about. I had so much fun getting to know them, and laughing with (sometimes at) their banter. I love love, but I especially love couples that have a great sense of humor and sense of adventure. Ryan and Kristine, you two were so much fun to hit the trail with. Luckily we had zero serial killer sightings, and had plenty of time to work on some first dance moves and jokes to keep wedding guests entertained. Styling done by the lovely Rhiannon of Fringe Boutique in Bellingham. We have teamed up to offer clients the option of being styled head to toe for a great price! This takes away the stress of picking out outfits, and adds the perfec

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