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Motherhood Before Noon | Just Add Bubbles - Bellingham, WA

Some weeks feel like a long string of endless Mondays. Winters in the PNW have never been my favorite, but they are so much harder as a mom. Stir crazy toddlers and dark cold days do not mix well. Sometimes, while sipping on my coffee (after the third time it's been reheated) I find myself saying over and over "Soak this in. Soak even THIS in. Someone out there wishes with every ounce of their being they could be a mom sipping on reheated coffee in the midst of toddler chaos." So, I pour some bubbles in the bath and do just that. Soak in every single bit of blissful chaos. PNW momma's, winter is almost over. Godspeed, and keep pouring those bubbles.

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