Americana Shoot | Bellingham, WA

I grew up in the woods of the county. We spent our summers building forts, exploring the woods, and organizing large games of "kick the can". Summer days were long, and the adventure and spirit of childhood seemed endless. I was lucky enough to share this with my best friend, Stephani. By blood I grew up with seven older brothers, but life has given me the sweetest sisters along the way. When Elizabeth, of Elizabeth Marie Makeup, asked me to be part of an Americana stylized shoot I didn't hesitate. I loved the idea of celebrating the spirit of American Summers, and sisterhood. Her little piece farmland in Bellingham, WA was the most perfect slice of heaven for this too! It took me back insta

Stan + Diana | The Club at the Boatyard - Gig Harbor, WA

I was so honored to capture this day in Gig Harbor for Stan and Diana. Diana's family has seen so much loss this year, so to be able to capture some of the joy for them was huge. I met them for the first time in person on their wedding day. It's not often this happens, but the trust behind it isn't lost on me. They quickly became some of my favorite people to work with. I could see the love every time they were around each other. They made each other laugh often, and when the emotions started to get the best of Diana all she had to do was look at Stan...or the bridal party who had me laughing all day. It is my absolute favorite when a bridal party isn't afraid to get weird, let loose, and ha

Josh + Christina // Mt. Baker Anniversary - Bellingham, WA

A year ago these two beautiful people eloped on top of Sumas Mountain in Bellingham, WA. It was the wedding that marked my love for intimate settings, and cravings for stylized couples. I have known Christina since she was little, but it has been so much fun to reconnect as adults. Capturing these milestones in their lives has been such a joy for me. As a wedding photographer I love when it is obvious two people were made for each other. They light up around each other, they are real no matter who is watching, and they are in each other's corner. I was so excited to celebrate their one year anniversary with a beautiful stylized shoot at Mt. Baker. The PNW is so stunning, and Mt. Baker did no

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