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Have you seen the movie UP? It's a cartoon, but I'm certain I found the real life couple. The Taylor's don't have great access to internet, and they came across my name through a referral. She called me, introduced herself, and told me a little about why they wanted photos. Lee has been battling cancer, among other serious diagnoses. Needles to say she had me at "we are an older couple, and would love some photos in our home, and a couple head shots." I was so excited they wanted me to just come capture their love and life in their home while they were still healthy enough.

If you know me, you know I love old people. I think they are the cutest people, and always have the most fascinating stories. I also firmly believe as a society we fail to listen to and honor their memories. Lee and Lori welcomed me into their sweet home. They were so kind, and full of joy. Their love was effortless. Lee was most excited that he got to steal so many kisses for the photos. I stayed and talked with them for a bit after we were done. We made the connection that Lee and my dad worked together for many years. He told me stories of on going prank wars, and antics. My dad is a pretty quiet guy. He keeps to himself most the time. So hearing these stories was pretty special to me. I love that photography has connected me to so many incredible people, and that it allows me to not only capture so many moments and stories, but also hear so many. If you have parents or grandparents you would love to have captured like this, don't hesitate to contact me. I would give anything to have more photos both with and of my grandparents. I wish more people took the time to spend time and capture the love of their grandparents. Enough of my rambling, get ready to see the sweetest thing in the world:

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