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Americana Shoot | Bellingham, WA

I grew up in the woods of the county. We spent our summers building forts, exploring the woods, and organizing large games of "kick the can". Summer days were long, and the adventure and spirit of childhood seemed endless. I was lucky enough to share this with my best friend, Stephani. By blood I grew up with seven older brothers, but life has given me the sweetest sisters along the way.

When Elizabeth, of Elizabeth Marie Makeup, asked me to be part of an Americana stylized shoot I didn't hesitate. I loved the idea of celebrating the spirit of American Summers, and sisterhood. Her little piece farmland in Bellingham, WA was the most perfect slice of heaven for this too! It took me back instantly, and my inner child was so excited to play in the fields and sink my toes into the sand of the river bar. I fell so in love with Shaye and Shyann, two Lynden, WA sisters. Their joy was so incredibly contagious and I swear I can hear their laughter looking back through the session. These are the people I love working with most. The groups of creatives and clients that you leave feeling so full and energized just from being around. That fill your soul back up, because we all need that every once in a while.

Enjoy this little piece of Americana Summer and sisterhood that is forever captured!

Hair // Erika.M.Hair

Styling // Streets of Gold

Sisters // Shaye and Shyann Brandsma

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