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Zayden | Fresh 48 - Bellingham, WA

I have been doing fresh 48's for about five years now, but due to clients wanting privacy, have only posted a handful of images from them. I have always love them so much, but until I became a mother myself, I didn't fully grasp how important it is to capture these moments in the hours after giving birth. So, today I want to talk to you first time moms, seasoned moms, and anyone who loves an expecting momma. I have a had a lot of questions about these sessions, and I will do my best to answer a few.

Q: I am a first time mom, and thinking about doing a Fresh 48, but my husband thinks it is silly. Is it really worth it?

A. When I was a first time mom I thought I knew EXACTLY what to expect. What I would feel, what would be important, what wouldn't. I will say, most of the things I expected or prepared for have gone about as I thought...but I attribute that to my educational background mostly. Here is what I didn't anticipate. How incredibly fleeting the first year is. The time you spend in the hospital becomes a blur. It's a little cruel actually how much of a blur it becomes. As a mom you will later find yourself grasping at any little memory or piece of that tiny tiny human you created. I know it's hard to understand now, before you are there, but you will want something to hold onto. You will wish you had captured more of this time. There warm soft bodies and sweet smells fade into the back corners of your mind. Doing a fresh 48 gives you a concrete thing to pull out when you want to remember one of the (no doubt) biggest moments of your entire life. Motherhood is so magical. You deserve to have it captured in each stage you go through. My one regret is not capturing Mason's first hours better. The biggest difference between a Fresh 48 and newborn session is the newness. Yes, you just gave birth, but there is still some adrenaline. There is so much excitement and wonder. It is motherhood at it's very first height. From a seasoned momma to you, new momma, it is worth every penny.

Q. I haven't heard of this, what exactly is a fresh 48? Is it like the photographers that come from room to room?

A. Even three years ago, when I had my first baby, I hadn't heard the term fresh 48. So, you are not alone in wondering what on earth this is (besides really precious). A fresh 48 is a session done in the hospital (Bellingham - Whatcom County, and Skagit County) after you give birth. It is done during the day, to give your photos the best light possible. It is candid and more of a lifestyle session, unlike the hospital photos. You also get all of the edited images included in the price (no crazy rate for one singular print of an unedited image). I come and capture those first moments of getting to know your new baby, and maybe even baby meeting siblings or other important people. You know those hours spent just studying this new tiny being you are holding? Studying every detail, but somehow all those details are completely lost by age two? A fresh 48 session is making sure those details don't get lost. That when motherhood gets heavy, or your babies grow no matter how hard you try to pause life, you will have something concrete to hold and look back on. Those tiny fingers and toes. The proof that you sustained a life for the better part of a year, before it dries up and falls off. The wrinkly soft perfect skin. The sleepy snuggles. The glow before you head back to the bittersweet chaos that is reheated coffee, and sleepless nights, and fierce love. That is a Fresh 48.

Q: I think this would be a cool gift for a friend, is that something you have had someone do?

A: Not yet, but as a mom, I LOVE this idea. I would have loved being gifted a session to capture my first hours with my son. The boy that made me a mom. Babies are expensive, and I understand that paying for a fresh 48 or newborn session can seem like an added bill. Gifting this takes that stress away from the parents. In my experience it is usually the moms that want a fresh 48 or newborn session, but the Dad's say no. I think sometimes it is hard to understand all of the emotions (and hormones) we go through in motherhood. Not to take away from Dad's or say they don't value it also, but women tend to be more sentimental. Gifting this to the mom-to-be ensures that she has this captured, even if Dad doesn't think it is a needed expense. Some moms don't even realize they didn't book a photographer or think to bring a camera until it is too late. Mombrain is a real thing, I swear! Buying clothes and diapers are nice, but this is something that is so meaningful and lasts a lifetime (and beyond).

I would love for Fresh 48 sessions to catch on in our area. Please share this with your friends that are expecting. The value in this is so much greater than the photography provided by the hospital. I'm speaking from experience. I would love to help capture these precious first hours of awe and overflowing love for so many more mothers.

Without further ado, here is a taste of what a Fresh 48 looks like:

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