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The Days Are Long | Motherhood Before Bed

I had to change the name of this, because it technically happened after noon and thus no longer qualified as a "before noon" post. Winter is always difficult for me, but much more so as a mom. Do you know how much energy little tiny boy humans have contained? I do. It's a lot. Like if you could bottle it, every Starbucks would be out of business. Don't worry Starbs, I'm horrible at numbers and science. Mason has so much energy, but I'm not big on being outside in the cold. I would rather be sipping a pina colada on the beach, then feel like I was dunked into one. I have been doing my best to find things to get out and do, or even bundle up and let him run until I feel like my hands are getting frostbite.

Some days I just simply don't have the energy to help him burn all of his energy though. Some days Kinley takes priority. Some days I pray he will just snuggle and watch the I-pad as his brain melts into Youtube bliss so I can clean the house, or finally take a shower. Those days usually come back to bite me by evening, and in this case it did. We did nothing all day. We snuggled, stayed in, and as soon as Kyle walked in the door I reluctantly decided to do some chores and be an adult. I assumed Kyle would be keeping a close eye on at least Kinley, because she is now crawling everywhere. I assumed wrong. He plopped down on the couch (well deserved, he does work hard most days) and closed his eyes.

I was minding my own business putting away laundry, and tuning out my family (who again, I thought was under Kyle's supervision). Until I heard these words come out of Mason's mouth.


I knew instantly he ate what I refer to as the butt of the banana -you know the gross nub at the bottom that I hope you don't eat. I also knew from his voice that he was in the bathroom. Upon stepping down the last stair and scanning the room here are a couple more facts that flashed through my head: 1. Kyle is in fact NOT supervising and is sleeping on the couch. 2. Kinley is nowhere to be found.

Mason then yelled "Mom! Sis is playing in my pee!"

At least I found our baby. And our toddler. One standing in puke, and the other with a giant grin and giggles splashing away in her big brothers pee filled potty.

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