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Whatcom County Birth & Fresh 48 Photographers | Bellingham, WA

In case you missed it, Brianne Johnson of Brianne Bell Photography and I made a video to introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about birth and fresh 48 sessions. Our dream is to spread awareness to Bellingham/Whatcom County about what these sessions are, and why they are so invaluable for Moms (and Dad's.) This time in life is a blink. It goes by so quickly, and if you are already a mom like myself, you know it all becomes a blur. No matter how hard we try to hang on to the tiny details of those first days, it is like grasping at straws.

Why Is It More Important Than Ever To Book Your Photographer Ahead Of Time?

We saw a need in Whatcom County, and decided we wanted to work together to fill it. St. Joseph will no longer be offering a photographer to capture those first precious hours. If you want to have those memories captured to look back on, we are your girls! We would love to come photograph those tiny features, and the start of your new journey into parenthood.

Our Approach To Birth & Fresh 48:

For birth photography I'm happy to just sit back, but I also love being all in. If you need me to get you a cold wash cloth for your forehead, or a hand to squeeze I'm there. I will tell you you've got this, and to dig deep. Giving birth is hands down the most empowering thing I have ever done. I want you to see these images and the incredibly strong woman everyone in the room saw. Fresh 48 sessions to me are more of a tender moment. I come in and capture all the tiny details that as a mom, I know you will want to look back on. It is candid, with very little posing. I want you to love on your baby, let siblings meet them, and highlight those first hours of finally getting to know the baby that has just changed your lives. I swear moms just black out the first year of having a baby. I want to give you something to physically hold and touch when that impossibly tiny human has become an impossibly strong willed, independent toddler.

- Lisa

My approach to birth photography can be called “a fly on the wall” approach. I stay back and capture you laboring, your partner supporting you, or your birth team, and your surroundings. I focus on documenting your story through your labor, delivery, and postpartum. One thing I hear all the time from my birth clients is that they want to remember the way their partner is during their labor. It is one of those rare times you see them be really tender. It just brings out a different side of them, and it’s special to have that documented. There is also just nothing like the moment your baby comes into the world! For Fresh 48s, I have a very similar approach. I come in and document you loving on your new baby, and capture them before they change so quickly! - Brianne

You can check out our video here! (There's a mini session giveaway at the end of it!) Stay tuned for more video's and feel free to drop us a question in the comments. We will be answering all your questions in the next video!

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