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Landon | Fresh 48 - Bellingham, WA

Most of the time when I get inquiries about Fresh 48 sessions, it's moms wondering what on earth they are. Katie contacted me knowing she wanted this. She knew the session was a beautiful capture of hours that go by far too quickly. Those first precious hours that forever alter our being. She wanted all the raw and real captured. All the tiny things that make up the greatest love.

What I don't know when a mom contacts me, is the story she already carries. You see, I know going into it exactly what I hope to capture. Tiny feet, fleeting moments, pure and absolute love. But after meeting Katie and her husband, I realized the magic in it for me is more than capturing those tiny details. It's capturing a sometimes unspoken story. It's capturing moments that are invaluable to the parents, sometimes for reasons known, and sometimes for reasons hidden in a silent struggle for years. When I walked into the room and met Katie and Tyler they told me what it took to get this miracle. To become parents. I usually get teary at births or fresh 48's because it takes me back to my own sweet experience, but these were the happiest tears I've had yet. There is something so beautiful about seeing a baby born to a couple so deserving. That prayed, and tried, and fought to experience this incredible journey of parenthood. This was a win to me. This was a baby that was carefully thought out, planned, and longed for. Baby Landon, you have two amazing, strong humans in your corner. Welcome to this world, it's been waiting for you.

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